Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

med-assistantEDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: This program is Performance Based in Outcomes for Clinical Medical Assistant Training as approved by the National Health career Association. At the completion of this course, each student will be eligible to challenge the National certification exam as a Medical Assistant. In order to become nationally certified as a Medical Assistant, students will be able to achieve a minimal passing score of 70% or better on the certification exam and prove competency performing different medical tests. In our training environment, students will be able to acquire satisfactory skills and demonstrate competency in medical assisting procedures which encompass both clinical and administrative activities. Upon successful completion of all certificate program course requirements, including the externship, graduates will be eligible for entry level medical assisting employment positions in a variety of health care facilities.

CURRICULUM GOAL: The curricular program goal is to provide an educational background in which students can acquire satisfactory skills and demonstrate clinical competency in medical assisting procedures as well as providing guidance so that the student may obtain a position as a medical assistant. Among many other performance based skills, the curriculum teaches students how to perform hand washing; dispose of bio hazardous materials and practice standard precautions, patient management in a professional manner, perform telephone and in-person screening, prepare and maintain examination and treatment areas, prepare a patient for and assist with routine and specialty examinations, demonstrate knowledge of how to maintain medication and immunization records, learn proper identification techniques of how to record vital signs appropriately on a patient’s chart, demonstrate how to obtain vital signs, respond to and initiate verbal and/or written communications, respond to issues of confidentiality perform within legal and ethical boundaries, demonstrate the use and care of patient equipment, and demonstrate understanding of the theory of Medical Assistant by scoring a minimum of 70% on the National Certification written exam.

TOTAL HOURS: This program consists of 600 hours of didactic, laboratory and clinical instruction. The program includes a 120 hour externship. The daytime program requires 24 weeks to complete. The evening program requires 36 weeks to complete. Students attending both day and evening programs are considered full time. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive a certificate of completion from AAHSC.

CIP Code: 510801
Day Class: M-F 8:45am to 2:45pm
Eve Class: M-F 5:30pm to 9:30pm